cPanel VPS Hosting Powerful Combination of Hosting

A Virtual Private server or a Virtual dedicated server is a physical server with the partitions, created with the help of software, so multiple users can use each of these partitions as their own dedicated server, and derive the benefits of having a dedicated server at lower costs, as compared to having a dedicated server. Each of these partitions can work independent of each other partitions as well as the actual hardware. Each partition can have its own software such as Operating system and other software and reboot without actually affecting the physical server.

Well, if your website requirements have grown beyond the existing capacity, your hosting service provider will suggest you to upgrade to a higher package to accommodate your website’s growing requirements, you may need to consider VPS hosting, instead of a dedicated hosting, as VPS hosting offers all the benefits of dedicated hosting at much cheaper rates.

cPanel VPS Hosting Powerful Combination of Hosting

VPS hosting, undoubtedly is a great hosting plan for those strapped for cash, though it offers great features hardware, and independent functionality, however, to manage the website itself you also need a control panel that is equally affordable and easy to manage.

cPanel is the leading control panel in the web hosting industry that makes it easy to administer your website with a host of automation tools. It helps you in installing the required software, databases, backup, and restore of data, etc. Thus, it offers ease of administration of system administrators and webmasters. cPanel offers some of the best features, though a UNIX based tool, it runs fine with Linux systems, as well!

cPanel VPS hosting is the perfect choice, as VPH hosting offers  great security, being independent of the actual server, you need not share the protocols,  disk space or process with any other user on the server. In addition, being independent you do not share the disk space with other users, so the performance is also improved. VPS hosting option offers easy backup and restore features; users experience reliable services without any issues relating to performance or downtimes. VPS also offers you the option of customization and the freedom to choose your own tools to control, manage, and administer the website.

To harness the maximum potential of VPS hosting, cPanel is the most preferred control panel. cPanel comes with a cPanel login and a WHM or Web Host Manager for easy and quick administration of websites by the website owners as well as server administrators. These tools with the help of automation reduce the cost of managing and administering the websites, make it easy for professionals and beginners to manage any given tasks irrespective of their complexities. Thus, the combination of cPanel VPS hosting is an affordable, reliable, and flexible option to manage websites.

What VPS CPanel Could do for Your Business in Terms of Optimization and Storage?

VPS CPanel offer full root access for your business, enhances your ability to install complicated and advanced software to cater to your operational needs and customizes the hosting environment to suit your business perfectly, and above all helps you take complete control over the online presence of your business.

Small businesses wanting to prove their stand online should take advantage of shared hosting services and dedicated servers as they offer huge potentials at affordable prices. cPanel offers easy administration for the user and an ‘out of the box’ hosting solution. The ultimate goal of these panels is to decrease overall memory consumption while retaining all functionalities of a regular dedicated cPanel. Its other functionalities are process monitoring daemon, log processing daemon, clustering DNS with the syncing process and an error detection protocol.  These enhancements are immediately available and are automatically updated as soon as VPS cPanel is installed or updated into the system.

What VPS CPanel Could do for Your Business in Terms of Optimization and Storage

Advantages of updating or installing VPS cPanel into your system

1.  Helps businesses implement computing solutions

cPanel helps businesses deploy their computing solutions instantly in an agile way. These panels are supported by a number of browsers such as Linux, Windows, Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microsoft SQL etc. It is possible to assign any work, any language and any OS using such panels. This helps lessen the operational cost and time of businesses allowing them to focus on other important aspects.

2.  Power of resource manager templates

Virtual machines, networks and storage accounts used in cPanel templates help people make complete use of the power of resource manager directly. They could enable deployment of complex applications with a single click into a resource group. These are later easily managed as a single unit with the help of authentication and resource tagging.

3.  Ability to run applications with best support

VPS cPanel makes it easy to deploy and run Microsoft applications over virtual machines with excellent stability, performance and world class support. These hosting systems have flexible and knowledgeable technical support that help in covering everything from cloud infrastructure to Microsoft applications.

4.  Create open source solutions

Businesses are open to deploy complete range of community driven and open source software solutions and cPanel offers a number of options starting from Linux, Ubuntu to Oracle web logic and database to its users at the most reasonable cost. It is also possible to make provision for SQL server, build test environments and complex application within minutes through this panel.

5.  Hybrid connections

With the help of Virtual Network, it is possible to configure and control every aspect of the network starting from defining subnets to preferring IP addresses. VPS CPanel helps to securely connect the virtual machine with a VPN over the internet or help in establishing direct connections by partnering with third party service providers such as AT&T, Verizon, and Equinix etc. It is also easy to configure load balancing across multiple virtual machines within the portal.

6.  Experience HPC capabilities from the cloud

The cloud now offers the benefits and performance of a supercomputing center to everyone on demand. By adapting to the VPS panel, it is possible to run HPC applications through compute instances and take advantage of 3 microsecond message passing interface and a 32 b per second throughput time. Benefit from high memory and HPC class processing units that offer results faster. It is also possible to scale up one’s usage and pay only for what one uses.

7.  Protecting virtual machine with backup

There are all possibilities that application errors and human errors could corrupt data and include bugs and viruses in all applications. It is important to secure virtual machines running Linux and Windows and restore them, send failure alerts, monitor jobs and generate reports as and when needed. VPS cPanel helps in such functions and retains copies of the data and applications to meet regulatory requirements of its clients.


VPS cPanel offers the assurance to its clients that they are building and deploying their applications under the promise that their data is protected at highly secure data centers. Even networks are safeguarded with highly scrutinized encryption solutions and assistance is offered to create solutions that meet compliance requirements and regulatory protocols.

Advantages of Using a Dedicated cPanel for Web Hosting

Different websites have different volumes of traffic and different requirements. Website of a small business operation such as a local store will obviously receive less visitors when compared to e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon. Those websites which have hundreds and thousands of people visiting a site every minute can’t afford to go down, even for a second. A downtime of even a second could result in misplaced transactions, lost communication, tarnishing of brand image and of course losses. There are many reasons why a website that incurs high traffic might go down, one of the most common reasons being ‘servers going down’.

To avoid these server maintenance issues and avoid downtime, those sites which can’t afford to go down opt for dedicated servers. Unlike shared servers where multiple websites are hosted on a single server, dedicated servers are dedicated to a single website, providing all the resources such as power, bandwidth, memory and RAM to a single website. In addition, a dedicated team of engineers is provided for server and web management of a single website who use a dedicated web hosting control panel i.e. the dedicated cPanel to manage the site, thus ensuring to avoid all kinds of reasons that bring the server down. Security is another main reason why many large corporations and business establishments prefer to host their websites on dedicated servers that are not prone to security breaches and hacks unlike shared servers. If you own a website that receives thousands of visitors every day, you should certainly host it on a dedicated server and manage it using a dedicated cPanel. Here’s why.

Advantages of Using a Dedicated cPanel for Web Hosting1. Ownership

Since the entire server is dedicated to your website, you have all the rights to dictate over the server and decide how much of its potential is to be exploited at a given time. A dedicated cPanel will assist you in managing the various aspects of the server management with no privacy hindrances and limitations posed by other site owners as in the case of shared servers or VPS.

2. Freedom

When you host your site on a shared or virtual private server you don’t have a say in what kind of software and addon packages must be installed on the web hosting control panel. However, when hosted on a dedicated server, with the help of engineers you can choose the software packages and addons to be installed on your dedicated cPanel without any permit issues.

3. Hardware Based

Dedicated servers are hardware based unlike shared and virtual private servers that are hosted online. Safety and security of these hardware based servers can be easily ensured and protected from external elements like environmental changes, fire, power outage etc. Using a dedicated cPanel you can further configure and manage these physical dedicated servers.

4. Flexibility

Hosting your website on a dedicated server gives you the flexibility of extending the capabilities of the server as and when the requirements increase. Hosting a site which gets high traffic on a shared server can force you to move out as and when the site demands more from the shared server, affecting the other sites on the server as well. In addition, you can also host multiple sites of your own establishment using a dedicated cPanel and additional addon packages.

A Beginner’s Guide to Dedicated Hosting and Dedicated cPanel

Websites are the face of communication of every business organization and the most important operational ground of e-retailers, online tutorials, media companies etc. It is important that these websites are up and running 24×7 and there’s nothing that is preventing the 100% uptime of these sites. Even seconds of downtime of websites like Facebook can result in losses of millions of dollars. In addition, when your company website is down, it sends out a bad message to your customers, clients and shareholders about your credibility as an organization. One of the biggest threats to the uptime of websites these days is server maintenance issues. Dedicated hosting is the most ideal hosting solution for business corporations who want to tackle these server issues. A dedicated cPanel is necessary to manage the operations and uptime of these websites, and here’s everything you need to know about the hosting protocol and website control panel used.

A Beginner’s Guide to Dedicated Hosting and Dedicated cPanel

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Before we know more about website control panel aka cPanel and the ways it can be used to manage a website, we shall understand what is dedicated hosting and why only a dedicated cPanel can serve dedicated hosting requirements. There are mainly two types of servers to host websites namely, dedicated and shared servers. Dedicated servers host a single website and use up all of their resources and applications to keep this single website up and running. On the contrary, a shared server hosts many websites at once and splits up its resources and applications into many sections in order to distribute them amongst all the hosted sites. Though dedicated hosting is a costly affair and requires high maintenance comparatively, it offers many advantages, few of which are as mentioned below.

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

• Firstly, with dedicated hosting you gain the complete ownership of the dedicated server hosting ( your site and dictate how its resources can be used or expanded. You don’t have to wait for the consent of other site owners as in shared hosting.

• Since the resources like power, RAM, memory and bandwidth are available in plenty and expanded with growing requirements, you can ensure that your site never goes down due to lack of resources.

• Dedicated hosting, unlike shared, hosting is carried out on hardware based dedicated servers. Moreover, these physical servers are under your protection, thus ensuring the safety of servers from external elements like fire, hackers, traffic surge and other security issues.

What is Dedicated cPanel?

Dedicated cPanel is exclusively designed and developed to manage websites hosted on dedicated servers. cPanel is the world’s most popular website control panel and offers a number of tools, applications and graphical interfaces to manage the operations of a website. It acts as a backdoor to the website hosted on a dedicated server and lets developers install and remove various applications on the site. It includes a separate domain known as the addon domain, which can host a number of specific applications called cPanel addons. These have very specific tasks such as setting up payment gateways, website builders, SEO tools etc. in the website.

Why only Dedicated cPanel?

cPanels are very specific about the type of the servers used to host the website as they are designed and developed to cater to a specific type of server. Moreover, a single server can’t host different types of cPanels as this will lead to operational issues and a lot of confusion. The two most popular types are dedicated cPanel and cPanel VPS optimized. While dedicated cPanel is exclusively meant for dedicated servers, a cPanel VPS optimized is exclusively meant for a virtual private server. Hence, dedicated hosting is obligated to use only a dedicated cPanel and not any other kind.

Advantages of Dedicated cPanel

Like dedicated hosting, even dedicated cPanel has a lot of advantages to offer to website owners and developers. There will be no privacy issues as such while using this control panel as you own the dedicated server and you get to decide the software packages and addons you must use on the server end. If you have multiple sites under your ownership or any other subsidiary websites helping your operations, you can freely host them on your dedicated server and monitor them using a dedicated cPanel.

How to Buy cPanel VPS Licenses for Small Business

Virtual private servers are those servers that are similar to shared servers in structure and operation but behave like a dedicated server. Though multiple websites can be hosted on a VPS as in the case of a shared server, each and every site hosted is offered a level of privacy and resources that a dedicated server offers to a single dedicated site. Websites whose requirements are limited but still require a certain level of reliability on the uptime can count on virtual private servers as they are economic and reliable at the same time. As the name implies, the server creates many virtual servers or partitions within to offer each site owner a sense of owning a dedicated server.

cPanel is a web hosting control panel that is used to administer a site and manage its operations. Many addons and applications are installed on this control panel and to activate and secure these addons, cPanel licenses are essential. cPanel licenses are made available by cPanel itself, while many cPanel partners also sell these licenses for cheaper prices, offering flexibility on the validity period of the licenses. However, there are a lot of factors one needs to consider while purchasing cPanel licenses and especially cPanel VPS licenses. Here’s a few of them.

How to Buy cPanel VPS Licenses for Small Business1. Type of Server

cPanel licenses are server specific and for VPS hosting, only a cPanel VPS license can suffice. So make sure that the licenses you purchase are compatible on a virtual private server. In addition, a server can have only one type of license installed on a server, hence you cannot have a dedicated and VPS license installed on the same server.

2. Multiple Licenses

A virtual private server is divided into many partitions and each partition is capable of hosting a website and managing multiple accounts, domains and subdomains. Each partition needs to have its own control panel (cPanel) and web host manager (WHM) to keep a track of the activities on the site. Hence, one would also need multiple cPanel VPS licenses to secure the addon packages on each of these control panels and web host managers. However, as mentioned above, it the server is a VPS, one cannot risk to install a dedicated license as you cannot mix a full and VPS license on a single server.

3. Budget

For small business owners whose website needs are limited, investing huge amounts of money on resources they are not going to use is indeed a waste of money and time. Cheap cPanel VPS licenses are made available by many cPanel partners who sell these licenses on the basis of weekly, monthly and semi-annual renewal. Licenses made available by cPanel are however annual in nature and are ideal for websites that incur a high volume of traffic and are preferably hosted on a dedicated server.

4. OS and IP Address

While buying cPanel VPS licenses, remember that these licenses are specific to certain operating systems and IP addresses. Before buying know the type of operating system installed on your VPS and whether the IP address of the website is static or internal or external.

A Cheap cPanel License Offers Great Returns on Your Investment

cPanel is the leading web hosting control panel that helps webmasters create email accounts, set up auto responders, and manage database files efficiently. With the help of a user-friendly graphical interface. cPanel offers complete control to both webmasters and hosting service providers with the help of powerful tools that are easy to use, and can perform any tasks quickly, easily, and with high levels of reliability.

The graphical user interface makes it easy to manage a website weather for a novice to an experienced webmaster. cPanel can boost the efficiency to a great extent, it therefore becomes necessary to choose your options carefully. You can get a cheap cPanel license either directly from or from a leading distributor.

Getting a cPanel license directly from limits your options as you get only panel software, on the other hand, getting a cpanel license from a leading distributor helps you get additional add-on software such as Fantastico, WHM Sonic, etc., that helps boost your business. Before getting a cPanel license consider a few important points, so you make the right choice for your business.

•  Server type: The cPanel license you need depends on the type of server choice you make, whether it is a dedicated server or a Virtual Private server and so on. If you use VPS you may benefit immensely from a cheap cpanel license, however, even dedicated servers also derive benefits from a cPanel license. In either case, you can obtain license directly from an authorized partner.

•  Of late, cPanel has introduced a new type of license for the emerging hosting technology, cloud Linux platform, as well! Cloud Linux offers great advantages to those looking to offer VPS hosting ( services to the end users.

•  Operating system: The operating system is also an important determinant of the cPanel license; you need to make sure that your server’s operating system works fine with the cPanel. It is important that you chose an operating system that is compatible with the cPanel license; you can look at the cPanel documentation module and check for the operating systems that goes well with cPanel.

•  Costs: The money you shell out for cPanel license is another important factor. cPanel license offers value for the money invested; make sure that you get all the services that your server needs.

•  Support: While using cPanel either a first time user or an experienced one, comes across many new issues, this may happen because of new updates etc., make sure that the partner you choose offers excellent support on technical and billing issues.  Technical issues such as hardware failure, server performance issues, to non-performing features, speed, non-responsive tools, etc., may need guidance and support from the cPanel authorized partners.

Additionally, you need to research well before buying a cPanel license, check the guidelines of all the authorized partners of cPanel that offer quality services along with the cPanel license. It is always better to have your own backup of data, which will help you in case of a mishap, and protects your data.

Buying a cheap cPanel license carefully considering all the above factors offers great experience in managing your web servers, etc. Some of the features of a highly functional cPanel are:

Ease of use, and easy installation:  Ease of use is one of the greatest feature that makes cPanel such a popular control panel for web servers and hosting service providers. It takes a few simples to install and anyone from a rookie to a technical expert can use this tool with ease!

Easy interface: cPanel comes with a graphical user interface, which not only makes it easy, but also fun to work with this administrative panel. This visual interface makes it easy to browse through the different features of the panel, and easy to customize as per the requirements of the business or the user.

Compatibility: cPanel license is highly compatible with all the existing operating systems, and it is highly scalable as per the growing requirements of the business.

All you need is to choose the best cheap cPanel license distributor so you get all the benefits of managing your web servers with ease.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Most Essential cPanel Addons

While designing a website and coming up with relevant content is one part of website management, hosting a website and ensuring its uptime 24×7 is another major aspect of the tedious process. A website is either hosted on a dedicated or shared server depending on many factors like usage, budget and reliability. Virtual private servers are also on high demand when it comes to the choice of servers as they are as reliable as a dedicated server and as cheap and less maintenance as a shared server. These websites and servers are managed using an interactive control panel called cPanel that provides a wide range of graphical interfaces and applications. cPanels and web host managers (WHM) together help in administering the activities of the server and the site by configuring and installing applications or addon packages known as cPanel addons. Here’s everything you know about them.

cPanel addons are those application packages that are installed on a cPanel to perform specific website and server management activities. These packages are installed on an addon domain that can be created within the cPanel along with the private domain. Care should be taken to ensure that the cPanel licenses don’t run out of their validity period and the addons are updated regularly. Here is a list of the most essential cPanel addon packages that every website needs to have installed on its cPanel addon domain.

1. Server Monitors

As the name suggests, these cPanel addons are exclusively meant to monitor the servers on which the website is hosted on and take necessary action to keep the server up and running 24×7. Most of the website downtime issues are related to server management in the case of shared servers as there is a high risk of sudden traffic surge, power outage, inefficient RAM and memory utilization and many other related problems. Having server monitor addons hence becomes very important for websites hosted on shared and virtual private servers, whose uptime is always under some level of internal or external threat.

2. Auto Installers

Be it website applications, themes or cPanel addons, auto installers ensure to make the process of installing and licensing these applications and addons easy. Installing web applications is indeed known to be a tedious task and a lot of time and energy is wasted if the right kind of auto installers are not installed on the cPanel addon domain to renew licenses and install other addons.

3. Site Builders

Once the uptime of the website is ensured by proper server management and all the necessary applications and licenses are installed, a developer can use the assistance of site builders in developing the website applications, themes and organizing the content. Web development is a tedious task and so is website management which needs regular updating and maintenance. Having a site builder addon will automate the process to a certain extent and help the developer to focus on other important aspects.

4. SEO and Marketing Tools

For any website to prove its worth in the business and increase its number of page visits, it has to certainly rank high in the search engine results page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. A website has to be search engine optimized (SEO) to increase its rankings and prove as an efficient marketing collateral. SEO is a complex process that takes a lot of time and effort. Installing cPanel addons which can provide SEO and marketing tools to maximize the efforts and automate the process is beneficial any day.

5. Billing Automation

Billing on a website can be totally automated by installing cPanel addons that assist with the same. Manual billing is a very painstaking task that demands a lot of human resource and time. However, automating the billing process on e-commerce sites is very important and easy using billing automation addons. In addition, these addons also assist in setting up online payment gateways and order taking and dispatch protocols.

Apart from the above mentioned essential cPanel addon packages, there are also other addons meant for Helpdesk systems, Mobile app, Security and more. While helpdesk system addons help with setting up chat boxes to foster customer relations, addons related to security help in preventing unethical hacks, detecting security threats and preserving confidential data.

VPS cPanel: Key Advantages to Consider

While choosing a great web hosting plan for your business definitely you have a wide variety of options available at your choice. These options can be truly overwhelming in respect of features and useful functional attributes, but you always need to concentrate on plans that can befittingly address your business requirements. A virtual private server or VPS plan with cPanel control panel interface is what is called VPS cPanel. Let us have a clear understanding of this hosting service plan in details.

cPanel refers to a particular control panel interface that can be integrated in hosting plan, whether it is VPS hosting or dedicated hosting or other types of shared hosting. cPanel is the de-facto standard of server management interface today associated with all types of hosting plans and services. The interface is used by webmasters to upload, update, and make changes to their websites. cPanel interface is provided on the web hosting ( server and offers access to the webmaster with respective authentication information. A server side interface works as a bridge between webmaster and hosting service provider and it often plays a crucial role in the qualitative output of hosting service. In this respect, cPanel is widely regarded as the most versatile, user-friendly, feature rich and customizable interface till this date.

VPS refers to a Virtual Private Server which in spite of being created on physical web server is noted for optimum use of server space and offering dedicated server benefits while using a shared physical server. While a dedicated server is not an affordable solution for most small businesses, they either cannot opt for shared hosting as there are too many bandwidth, speed and performance limitations with cheaper hosting plans. VPS or Virtual Private Server fits just in between these two services and offers the best of both worlds as hosting solution.

VPS cPanel: Key Advantages to Consider

Key advantages of VPS cPanel hosting plan

You should choose VPS cPanel hosting plan for a number of reasons. You can get the benefits of an array of new web technologies with least constraint and zero learning curve for implementation. Going for VPS cPanel means gaining wider accessibility to feature rich server side apps for solving business problems. For backing data on your virtual private server, this control panel will prove really useful.

Whether you want to set up Bulletin Board service for building an online community or just want to add a gallery to share media, photos, comments, etc. cPanel within VPS will enable you to do everything. cPanel provides an intuitive interface to help website owners manage their sites, while WHM cPanel automates server management tasks for server administrators. For availing eCommerce applications to sell your products online there are several options as well. As for non-technical users who want to create a WordPress or other content platform based blog they can easily create their web presence by customizing server side features to their requirement.

VPS cPanel Key Advantages to Consider

Let us now concentrate further on some key aspects of VPS cPanel benefits

•  Web 2.0 technologies to facilitate quick and easy integration for all types of websites and contents, including blogs, ecommerce, social media and databases.

•  Simple and easy to use to use set up wizard will let you enjoy faster and more efficient accessibility.

•  An array of built in tools and administrative functions will make managing email users, mailboxes and spam settings, account migration and backup scheduling extremely convenient.

•  Enjoy more control with an array of intuitive tools to manage applications to install, perform data backups and restoring.

•  Worldwide IP network and world class data centers from any quality VPS cPanel provider will give your business unmatched stability.

While VPS offers the benefits of a dedicated server at an affordable cost, cPanel interface offers great tools and functions for better control, functional ease and customization.

cPanel Allows You to Make the Most of Your Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server hosting plan is often preferred over other kinds of hosting services because of the huge flexibility, ease of use and customization option it offers. When an enterprise has dedicated server, it has the most powerful hosting to back up its business. However, choosing a robust control panel is also crucial to let the server up to its full potential. From setting up your website and rich features to maintaining the highest efficiency to offering a wide range of customizing options for different web based activities to maintaining the highest security and control over accessibility, in every way cPanel will allow you to make the most of your dedicated servers. Let us see here various aspects and advantages of using cPanel in dedicated servers.

cPanel and Dedicated Server – a Formidable Match

In going for dedicated server, you need to choose from an array of geographic server locations. Generally, the server location should be closer to your audience rather than to your business headquarter. As most internet audience belong to countries like US, North America and all over the West Coast, having your server located in those areas will obviously be helpful in offering best performance and speed. Now a browser based control panel will be required to facilitate and monitor ease of website accessibility and usability and also for the purpose of regular administration. cPanel because of its flexibility, ease, customizing and securing features has quickly rose as the most popular control panel for dedicated servers.

cPanel allows you to make the Most of Your Dedicated Servers

Dedicated cPanel offers faster accessibility and total server control with just single easy to use interface and lot of customizing features.

cPanel Benefits

cPanel now became the most preferred standard for web hosting ( control panel. For a hosting service provider or for hosting your own websites, the cPanel is likely to fit to every different needs of server management. The wide range of features in cPanel makes account administration easy for more granular level control over on-site access and actions. Here below are the key cPanel features explained.

Easy setup: To make your site live on the internet cPanel engages all the effective maneuvers corresponding to the DNS, mail servers, sub domains and other set up requirements.

Robust Security: cPanel unlike most other control panel interfaces offers an array of most updated security enhancements like CPHulkD which effectively blocks out any attempt to break into the server and hotlink. Whether preventing others from stealing your content or preventing unwanted intrusion in server bandwidth, cPanel offers tighter security in all regards.

Massive third party support: One of the most important aspects of cPanel is that it offers a richer server management experience with easy compatibility for an array of third party software. Some of these important third party apps worth mentioning here include billing software WHMCS, script installer Softaculous, etc.

Easy administration options: Finally, thanks to the huge popularity of cPanel as control panel interface a vast majority of hosting companies offer their dedicated server plans with cPanel. Server administration in overall regard becomes really easy with robust administrative tools and customizable features.

Why Dedicated Servers?

Businesses having serious objectives require maintaining higher traffic for their websites and for achieving and maintaining this over a long period one cannot think of a substitute rather than a quality dedicated server. Dedicated server compared to all other hosting services offer the highest reliability and performance.

Obviously, dedicated servers because of being expensive cannot be suitable for everyone. But if you have a business website with demanding traffic movement and lots of features, assuring higher performance, speed and reliability will be the key to achieve higher return on investment and for that respect alone dedicated server fits in perfectly for any business focused hosting requirement. If your business heavily depends upon your website bringing traffic, investing in dedicated server should be considered as smart.

Finally, after investing a hefty sum on a dedicated server you must ensure utilizing the full potential of the server. Going for a dedicated server and then not utilizing the capacity to the optimum level will obviously amount to wastage. cPanel coupled up with dedicated server prevents such a possibility as the smart, feature rich, customizable interface of cPanel makes utilizes the room created by dedicated hosting for the benefit of your business. There is not much difference between a cPanel dedicated license and a cPanel VPS license because all the features, functionality and options are almost same. cPanel will allow in every possible way to make your website more responsive by addressing all emerging user requirements and trends. With cPanel in dedicated server, your website stands equipped for the future.