A Beginner’s Guide to the Most Essential cPanel Addons

While designing a website and coming up with relevant content is one part of website management, hosting a website and ensuring its uptime 24×7 is another major aspect of the tedious process. A website is either hosted on a dedicated or shared server depending on many factors like usage, budget and reliability. Virtual private servers are also on high demand when it comes to the choice of servers as they are as reliable as a dedicated server and as cheap and less maintenance as a shared server. These websites and servers are managed using an interactive control panel called cPanel that provides a wide range of graphical interfaces and applications. cPanels and web host managers (WHM) together help in administering the activities of the server and the site by configuring and installing applications or addon packages known as cPanel addons. Here’s everything you know about them.

cPanel addons are those application packages that are installed on a cPanel to perform specific website and server management activities. These packages are installed on an addon domain that can be created within the cPanel along with the private domain. Care should be taken to ensure that the cPanel licenses don’t run out of their validity period and the addons are updated regularly. Here is a list of the most essential cPanel addon packages that every website needs to have installed on its cPanel addon domain.

1. Server Monitors

As the name suggests, these cPanel addons are exclusively meant to monitor the servers on which the website is hosted on and take necessary action to keep the server up and running 24×7. Most of the website downtime issues are related to server management in the case of shared servers as there is a high risk of sudden traffic surge, power outage, inefficient RAM and memory utilization and many other related problems. Having server monitor addons hence becomes very important for websites hosted on shared and virtual private servers, whose uptime is always under some level of internal or external threat.

2. Auto Installers

Be it website applications, themes or cPanel addons, auto installers ensure to make the process of installing and licensing these applications and addons easy. Installing web applications is indeed known to be a tedious task and a lot of time and energy is wasted if the right kind of auto installers are not installed on the cPanel addon domain to renew licenses and install other addons.

3. Site Builders

Once the uptime of the website is ensured by proper server management and all the necessary applications and licenses are installed, a developer can use the assistance of site builders in developing the website applications, themes and organizing the content. Web development is a tedious task and so is website management which needs regular updating and maintenance. Having a site builder addon will automate the process to a certain extent and help the developer to focus on other important aspects.

4. SEO and Marketing Tools

For any website to prove its worth in the business and increase its number of page visits, it has to certainly rank high in the search engine results page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. A website has to be search engine optimized (SEO) to increase its rankings and prove as an efficient marketing collateral. SEO is a complex process that takes a lot of time and effort. Installing cPanel addons which can provide SEO and marketing tools to maximize the efforts and automate the process is beneficial any day.

5. Billing Automation

Billing on a website can be totally automated by installing cPanel addons that assist with the same. Manual billing is a very painstaking task that demands a lot of human resource and time. However, automating the billing process on e-commerce sites is very important and easy using billing automation addons. In addition, these addons also assist in setting up online payment gateways and order taking and dispatch protocols.

Apart from the above mentioned essential cPanel addon packages, there are also other addons meant for Helpdesk systems, Mobile app, Security and more. While helpdesk system addons help with setting up chat boxes to foster customer relations, addons related to security help in preventing unethical hacks, detecting security threats and preserving confidential data.