A Cheap cPanel License Offers Great Returns on Your Investment

cPanel is the leading web hosting control panel that helps webmasters create email accounts, set up auto responders, and manage database files efficiently. With the help of a user-friendly graphical interface. cPanel offers complete control to both webmasters and hosting service providers with the help of powerful tools that are easy to use, and can perform any tasks quickly, easily, and with high levels of reliability.

The graphical user interface makes it easy to manage a website weather for a novice to an experienced webmaster. cPanel can boost the efficiency to a great extent, it therefore becomes necessary to choose your options carefully. You can get a cheap cPanel license either directly from cPanel.net or from a leading distributor.

Getting a cPanel license directly from cPanel.net limits your options as you get only panel software, on the other hand, getting a cpanel license from a leading distributor helps you get additional add-on software such as Fantastico, WHM Sonic, etc., that helps boost your business. Before getting a cPanel license consider a few important points, so you make the right choice for your business.

•  Server type: The cPanel license you need depends on the type of server choice you make, whether it is a dedicated server or a Virtual Private server and so on. If you use VPS you may benefit immensely from a cheap cpanel license, however, even dedicated servers also derive benefits from a cPanel license. In either case, you can obtain license directly from an authorized partner.

•  Of late, cPanel has introduced a new type of license for the emerging hosting technology, cloud Linux platform, as well! Cloud Linux offers great advantages to those looking to offer VPS hosting (webhosting.about.com/od/Dedicated-Hosting/a/Who-Should-Consider-Unmanaged-Vps-Hosting-And-Why.htm) services to the end users.

•  Operating system: The operating system is also an important determinant of the cPanel license; you need to make sure that your server’s operating system works fine with the cPanel. It is important that you chose an operating system that is compatible with the cPanel license; you can look at the cPanel documentation module and check for the operating systems that goes well with cPanel.

•  Costs: The money you shell out for cPanel license is another important factor. cPanel license offers value for the money invested; make sure that you get all the services that your server needs.

•  Support: While using cPanel either a first time user or an experienced one, comes across many new issues, this may happen because of new updates etc., make sure that the partner you choose offers excellent support on technical and billing issues.  Technical issues such as hardware failure, server performance issues, to non-performing features, speed, non-responsive tools, etc., may need guidance and support from the cPanel authorized partners.

Additionally, you need to research well before buying a cPanel license, check the guidelines of all the authorized partners of cPanel that offer quality services along with the cPanel license. It is always better to have your own backup of data, which will help you in case of a mishap, and protects your data.

Buying a cheap cPanel license carefully considering all the above factors offers great experience in managing your web servers, etc. Some of the features of a highly functional cPanel are:

Ease of use, and easy installation:  Ease of use is one of the greatest feature that makes cPanel such a popular control panel for web servers and hosting service providers. It takes a few simples to install and anyone from a rookie to a technical expert can use this tool with ease!

Easy interface: cPanel comes with a graphical user interface, which not only makes it easy, but also fun to work with this administrative panel. This visual interface makes it easy to browse through the different features of the panel, and easy to customize as per the requirements of the business or the user.

Compatibility: cPanel license is highly compatible with all the existing operating systems, and it is highly scalable as per the growing requirements of the business.

All you need is to choose the best cheap cPanel license distributor so you get all the benefits of managing your web servers with ease.