Advantages of Using a Dedicated cPanel for Web Hosting

Different websites have different volumes of traffic and different requirements. Website of a small business operation such as a local store will obviously receive less visitors when compared to e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon. Those websites which have hundreds and thousands of people visiting a site every minute can’t afford to go down, even for a second. A downtime of even a second could result in misplaced transactions, lost communication, tarnishing of brand image and of course losses. There are many reasons why a website that incurs high traffic might go down, one of the most common reasons being ‘servers going down’.

To avoid these server maintenance issues and avoid downtime, those sites which can’t afford to go down opt for dedicated servers. Unlike shared servers where multiple websites are hosted on a single server, dedicated servers are dedicated to a single website, providing all the resources such as power, bandwidth, memory and RAM to a single website. In addition, a dedicated team of engineers is provided for server and web management of a single website who use a dedicated web hosting control panel i.e. the dedicated cPanel to manage the site, thus ensuring to avoid all kinds of reasons that bring the server down. Security is another main reason why many large corporations and business establishments prefer to host their websites on dedicated servers that are not prone to security breaches and hacks unlike shared servers. If you own a website that receives thousands of visitors every day, you should certainly host it on a dedicated server and manage it using a dedicated cPanel. Here’s why.

Advantages of Using a Dedicated cPanel for Web Hosting1. Ownership

Since the entire server is dedicated to your website, you have all the rights to dictate over the server and decide how much of its potential is to be exploited at a given time. A dedicated cPanel will assist you in managing the various aspects of the server management with no privacy hindrances and limitations posed by other site owners as in the case of shared servers or VPS.

2. Freedom

When you host your site on a shared or virtual private server you don’t have a say in what kind of software and addon packages must be installed on the web hosting control panel. However, when hosted on a dedicated server, with the help of engineers you can choose the software packages and addons to be installed on your dedicated cPanel without any permit issues.

3. Hardware Based

Dedicated servers are hardware based unlike shared and virtual private servers that are hosted online. Safety and security of these hardware based servers can be easily ensured and protected from external elements like environmental changes, fire, power outage etc. Using a dedicated cPanel you can further configure and manage these physical dedicated servers.

4. Flexibility

Hosting your website on a dedicated server gives you the flexibility of extending the capabilities of the server as and when the requirements increase. Hosting a site which gets high traffic on a shared server can force you to move out as and when the site demands more from the shared server, affecting the other sites on the server as well. In addition, you can also host multiple sites of your own establishment using a dedicated cPanel and additional addon packages.