A Beginner’s Guide to Dedicated Hosting and Dedicated cPanel

Websites are the face of communication of every business organization and the most important operational ground of e-retailers, online tutorials, media companies etc. It is important that these websites are up and running 24×7 and there’s nothing that is preventing the 100% uptime of these sites. Even seconds of downtime of websites like Facebook can result in losses of millions of dollars. In addition, when your company website is down, it sends out a bad message to your customers, clients and shareholders about your credibility as an organization. One of the biggest threats to the uptime of websites these days is server maintenance issues. Dedicated hosting is the most ideal hosting solution for business corporations who want to tackle these server issues. A dedicated cPanel is necessary to manage the operations and uptime of these websites, and here’s everything you need to know about the hosting protocol and website control panel used.

A Beginner’s Guide to Dedicated Hosting and Dedicated cPanel

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Before we know more about website control panel aka cPanel and the ways it can be used to manage a website, we shall understand what is dedicated hosting and why only a dedicated cPanel can serve dedicated hosting requirements. There are mainly two types of servers to host websites namely, dedicated and shared servers. Dedicated servers host a single website and use up all of their resources and applications to keep this single website up and running. On the contrary, a shared server hosts many websites at once and splits up its resources and applications into many sections in order to distribute them amongst all the hosted sites. Though dedicated hosting is a costly affair and requires high maintenance comparatively, it offers many advantages, few of which are as mentioned below.

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

• Firstly, with dedicated hosting you gain the complete ownership of the dedicated server hosting (www.wisegeek.net/what-are-the-different-types-of-dedicated-server-hosting.htm) your site and dictate how its resources can be used or expanded. You don’t have to wait for the consent of other site owners as in shared hosting.

• Since the resources like power, RAM, memory and bandwidth are available in plenty and expanded with growing requirements, you can ensure that your site never goes down due to lack of resources.

• Dedicated hosting, unlike shared, hosting is carried out on hardware based dedicated servers. Moreover, these physical servers are under your protection, thus ensuring the safety of servers from external elements like fire, hackers, traffic surge and other security issues.

What is Dedicated cPanel?

Dedicated cPanel is exclusively designed and developed to manage websites hosted on dedicated servers. cPanel is the world’s most popular website control panel and offers a number of tools, applications and graphical interfaces to manage the operations of a website. It acts as a backdoor to the website hosted on a dedicated server and lets developers install and remove various applications on the site. It includes a separate domain known as the addon domain, which can host a number of specific applications called cPanel addons. These have very specific tasks such as setting up payment gateways, website builders, SEO tools etc. in the website.

Why only Dedicated cPanel?

cPanels are very specific about the type of the servers used to host the website as they are designed and developed to cater to a specific type of server. Moreover, a single server can’t host different types of cPanels as this will lead to operational issues and a lot of confusion. The two most popular types are dedicated cPanel and cPanel VPS optimized. While dedicated cPanel is exclusively meant for dedicated servers, a cPanel VPS optimized is exclusively meant for a virtual private server. Hence, dedicated hosting is obligated to use only a dedicated cPanel and not any other kind.

Advantages of Dedicated cPanel

Like dedicated hosting, even dedicated cPanel has a lot of advantages to offer to website owners and developers. There will be no privacy issues as such while using this control panel as you own the dedicated server and you get to decide the software packages and addons you must use on the server end. If you have multiple sites under your ownership or any other subsidiary websites helping your operations, you can freely host them on your dedicated server and monitor them using a dedicated cPanel.