How to Buy cPanel VPS Licenses for Small Business

Virtual private servers are those servers that are similar to shared servers in structure and operation but behave like a dedicated server. Though multiple websites can be hosted on a VPS as in the case of a shared server, each and every site hosted is offered a level of privacy and resources that a dedicated server offers to a single dedicated site. Websites whose requirements are limited but still require a certain level of reliability on the uptime can count on virtual private servers as they are economic and reliable at the same time. As the name implies, the server creates many virtual servers or partitions within to offer each site owner a sense of owning a dedicated server.

cPanel is a web hosting control panel that is used to administer a site and manage its operations. Many addons and applications are installed on this control panel and to activate and secure these addons, cPanel licenses are essential. cPanel licenses are made available by cPanel itself, while many cPanel partners also sell these licenses for cheaper prices, offering flexibility on the validity period of the licenses. However, there are a lot of factors one needs to consider while purchasing cPanel licenses and especially cPanel VPS licenses. Here’s a few of them.

How to Buy cPanel VPS Licenses for Small Business1. Type of Server

cPanel licenses are server specific and for VPS hosting, only a cPanel VPS license can suffice. So make sure that the licenses you purchase are compatible on a virtual private server. In addition, a server can have only one type of license installed on a server, hence you cannot have a dedicated and VPS license installed on the same server.

2. Multiple Licenses

A virtual private server is divided into many partitions and each partition is capable of hosting a website and managing multiple accounts, domains and subdomains. Each partition needs to have its own control panel (cPanel) and web host manager (WHM) to keep a track of the activities on the site. Hence, one would also need multiple cPanel VPS licenses to secure the addon packages on each of these control panels and web host managers. However, as mentioned above, it the server is a VPS, one cannot risk to install a dedicated license as you cannot mix a full and VPS license on a single server.

3. Budget

For small business owners whose website needs are limited, investing huge amounts of money on resources they are not going to use is indeed a waste of money and time. Cheap cPanel VPS licenses are made available by many cPanel partners who sell these licenses on the basis of weekly, monthly and semi-annual renewal. Licenses made available by cPanel are however annual in nature and are ideal for websites that incur a high volume of traffic and are preferably hosted on a dedicated server.

4. OS and IP Address

While buying cPanel VPS licenses, remember that these licenses are specific to certain operating systems and IP addresses. Before buying know the type of operating system installed on your VPS and whether the IP address of the website is static or internal or external.