cPanel Allows You to Make the Most of Your Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server hosting plan is often preferred over other kinds of hosting services because of the huge flexibility, ease of use and customization option it offers. When an enterprise has dedicated server, it has the most powerful hosting to back up its business. However, choosing a robust control panel is also crucial to let the server up to its full potential. From setting up your website and rich features to maintaining the highest efficiency to offering a wide range of customizing options for different web based activities to maintaining the highest security and control over accessibility, in every way cPanel will allow you to make the most of your dedicated servers. Let us see here various aspects and advantages of using cPanel in dedicated servers.

cPanel and Dedicated Server – a Formidable Match

In going for dedicated server, you need to choose from an array of geographic server locations. Generally, the server location should be closer to your audience rather than to your business headquarter. As most internet audience belong to countries like US, North America and all over the West Coast, having your server located in those areas will obviously be helpful in offering best performance and speed. Now a browser based control panel will be required to facilitate and monitor ease of website accessibility and usability and also for the purpose of regular administration. cPanel because of its flexibility, ease, customizing and securing features has quickly rose as the most popular control panel for dedicated servers.

cPanel allows you to make the Most of Your Dedicated Servers

Dedicated cPanel offers faster accessibility and total server control with just single easy to use interface and lot of customizing features.

cPanel Benefits

cPanel now became the most preferred standard for web hosting ( control panel. For a hosting service provider or for hosting your own websites, the cPanel is likely to fit to every different needs of server management. The wide range of features in cPanel makes account administration easy for more granular level control over on-site access and actions. Here below are the key cPanel features explained.

Easy setup: To make your site live on the internet cPanel engages all the effective maneuvers corresponding to the DNS, mail servers, sub domains and other set up requirements.

Robust Security: cPanel unlike most other control panel interfaces offers an array of most updated security enhancements like CPHulkD which effectively blocks out any attempt to break into the server and hotlink. Whether preventing others from stealing your content or preventing unwanted intrusion in server bandwidth, cPanel offers tighter security in all regards.

Massive third party support: One of the most important aspects of cPanel is that it offers a richer server management experience with easy compatibility for an array of third party software. Some of these important third party apps worth mentioning here include billing software WHMCS, script installer Softaculous, etc.

Easy administration options: Finally, thanks to the huge popularity of cPanel as control panel interface a vast majority of hosting companies offer their dedicated server plans with cPanel. Server administration in overall regard becomes really easy with robust administrative tools and customizable features.

Why Dedicated Servers?

Businesses having serious objectives require maintaining higher traffic for their websites and for achieving and maintaining this over a long period one cannot think of a substitute rather than a quality dedicated server. Dedicated server compared to all other hosting services offer the highest reliability and performance.

Obviously, dedicated servers because of being expensive cannot be suitable for everyone. But if you have a business website with demanding traffic movement and lots of features, assuring higher performance, speed and reliability will be the key to achieve higher return on investment and for that respect alone dedicated server fits in perfectly for any business focused hosting requirement. If your business heavily depends upon your website bringing traffic, investing in dedicated server should be considered as smart.

Finally, after investing a hefty sum on a dedicated server you must ensure utilizing the full potential of the server. Going for a dedicated server and then not utilizing the capacity to the optimum level will obviously amount to wastage. cPanel coupled up with dedicated server prevents such a possibility as the smart, feature rich, customizable interface of cPanel makes utilizes the room created by dedicated hosting for the benefit of your business. There is not much difference between a cPanel dedicated license and a cPanel VPS license because all the features, functionality and options are almost same. cPanel will allow in every possible way to make your website more responsive by addressing all emerging user requirements and trends. With cPanel in dedicated server, your website stands equipped for the future.