cPanel VPS Hosting Powerful Combination of Hosting

A Virtual Private server or a Virtual dedicated server is a physical server with the partitions, created with the help of software, so multiple users can use each of these partitions as their own dedicated server, and derive the benefits of having a dedicated server at lower costs, as compared to having a dedicated server. Each of these partitions can work independent of each other partitions as well as the actual hardware. Each partition can have its own software such as Operating system and other software and reboot without actually affecting the physical server.

Well, if your website requirements have grown beyond the existing capacity, your hosting service provider will suggest you to upgrade to a higher package to accommodate your website’s growing requirements, you may need to consider VPS hosting, instead of a dedicated hosting, as VPS hosting offers all the benefits of dedicated hosting at much cheaper rates.

cPanel VPS Hosting Powerful Combination of Hosting

VPS hosting, undoubtedly is a great hosting plan for those strapped for cash, though it offers great features hardware, and independent functionality, however, to manage the website itself you also need a control panel that is equally affordable and easy to manage.

cPanel is the leading control panel in the web hosting industry that makes it easy to administer your website with a host of automation tools. It helps you in installing the required software, databases, backup, and restore of data, etc. Thus, it offers ease of administration of system administrators and webmasters. cPanel offers some of the best features, though a UNIX based tool, it runs fine with Linux systems, as well!

cPanel VPS hosting is the perfect choice, as VPH hosting offers  great security, being independent of the actual server, you need not share the protocols,  disk space or process with any other user on the server. In addition, being independent you do not share the disk space with other users, so the performance is also improved. VPS hosting option offers easy backup and restore features; users experience reliable services without any issues relating to performance or downtimes. VPS also offers you the option of customization and the freedom to choose your own tools to control, manage, and administer the website.

To harness the maximum potential of VPS hosting, cPanel is the most preferred control panel. cPanel comes with a cPanel login and a WHM or Web Host Manager for easy and quick administration of websites by the website owners as well as server administrators. These tools with the help of automation reduce the cost of managing and administering the websites, make it easy for professionals and beginners to manage any given tasks irrespective of their complexities. Thus, the combination of cPanel VPS hosting is an affordable, reliable, and flexible option to manage websites.