What VPS CPanel Could do for Your Business in Terms of Optimization and Storage?

VPS CPanel offer full root access for your business, enhances your ability to install complicated and advanced software to cater to your operational needs and customizes the hosting environment to suit your business perfectly, and above all helps you take complete control over the online presence of your business.

Small businesses wanting to prove their stand online should take advantage of shared hosting services and dedicated servers as they offer huge potentials at affordable prices. cPanel offers easy administration for the user and an ‘out of the box’ hosting solution. The ultimate goal of these panels is to decrease overall memory consumption while retaining all functionalities of a regular dedicated cPanel. Its other functionalities are process monitoring daemon, log processing daemon, clustering DNS with the syncing process and an error detection protocol.  These enhancements are immediately available and are automatically updated as soon as VPS cPanel is installed or updated into the system.

What VPS CPanel Could do for Your Business in Terms of Optimization and Storage

Advantages of updating or installing VPS cPanel into your system

1.  Helps businesses implement computing solutions

cPanel helps businesses deploy their computing solutions instantly in an agile way. These panels are supported by a number of browsers such as Linux, Windows, Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microsoft SQL etc. It is possible to assign any work, any language and any OS using such panels. This helps lessen the operational cost and time of businesses allowing them to focus on other important aspects.

2.  Power of resource manager templates

Virtual machines, networks and storage accounts used in cPanel templates help people make complete use of the power of resource manager directly. They could enable deployment of complex applications with a single click into a resource group. These are later easily managed as a single unit with the help of authentication and resource tagging.

3.  Ability to run applications with best support

VPS cPanel makes it easy to deploy and run Microsoft applications over virtual machines with excellent stability, performance and world class support. These hosting systems have flexible and knowledgeable technical support that help in covering everything from cloud infrastructure to Microsoft applications.

4.  Create open source solutions

Businesses are open to deploy complete range of community driven and open source software solutions and cPanel offers a number of options starting from Linux, Ubuntu to Oracle web logic and database to its users at the most reasonable cost. It is also possible to make provision for SQL server, build test environments and complex application within minutes through this panel.

5.  Hybrid connections

With the help of Virtual Network, it is possible to configure and control every aspect of the network starting from defining subnets to preferring IP addresses. VPS CPanel helps to securely connect the virtual machine with a VPN over the internet or help in establishing direct connections by partnering with third party service providers such as AT&T, Verizon, and Equinix etc. It is also easy to configure load balancing across multiple virtual machines within the portal.

6.  Experience HPC capabilities from the cloud

The cloud now offers the benefits and performance of a supercomputing center to everyone on demand. By adapting to the VPS panel, it is possible to run HPC applications through compute instances and take advantage of 3 microsecond message passing interface and a 32 b per second throughput time. Benefit from high memory and HPC class processing units that offer results faster. It is also possible to scale up one’s usage and pay only for what one uses.

7.  Protecting virtual machine with backup

There are all possibilities that application errors and human errors could corrupt data and include bugs and viruses in all applications. It is important to secure virtual machines running Linux and Windows and restore them, send failure alerts, monitor jobs and generate reports as and when needed. VPS cPanel helps in such functions and retains copies of the data and applications to meet regulatory requirements of its clients.


VPS cPanel offers the assurance to its clients that they are building and deploying their applications under the promise that their data is protected at highly secure data centers. Even networks are safeguarded with highly scrutinized encryption solutions and assistance is offered to create solutions that meet compliance requirements and regulatory protocols.