VPS cPanel: Key Advantages to Consider

While choosing a great web hosting plan for your business definitely you have a wide variety of options available at your choice. These options can be truly overwhelming in respect of features and useful functional attributes, but you always need to concentrate on plans that can befittingly address your business requirements. A virtual private server or VPS plan with cPanel control panel interface is what is called VPS cPanel. Let us have a clear understanding of this hosting service plan in details.

cPanel refers to a particular control panel interface that can be integrated in hosting plan, whether it is VPS hosting or dedicated hosting or other types of shared hosting. cPanel is the de-facto standard of server management interface today associated with all types of hosting plans and services. The interface is used by webmasters to upload, update, and make changes to their websites. cPanel interface is provided on the web hosting (www.ehow.com/about_4699250_what-web-hosting.html) server and offers access to the webmaster with respective authentication information. A server side interface works as a bridge between webmaster and hosting service provider and it often plays a crucial role in the qualitative output of hosting service. In this respect, cPanel is widely regarded as the most versatile, user-friendly, feature rich and customizable interface till this date.

VPS refers to a Virtual Private Server which in spite of being created on physical web server is noted for optimum use of server space and offering dedicated server benefits while using a shared physical server. While a dedicated server is not an affordable solution for most small businesses, they either cannot opt for shared hosting as there are too many bandwidth, speed and performance limitations with cheaper hosting plans. VPS or Virtual Private Server fits just in between these two services and offers the best of both worlds as hosting solution.

VPS cPanel: Key Advantages to Consider

Key advantages of VPS cPanel hosting plan

You should choose VPS cPanel hosting plan for a number of reasons. You can get the benefits of an array of new web technologies with least constraint and zero learning curve for implementation. Going for VPS cPanel means gaining wider accessibility to feature rich server side apps for solving business problems. For backing data on your virtual private server, this control panel will prove really useful.

Whether you want to set up Bulletin Board service for building an online community or just want to add a gallery to share media, photos, comments, etc. cPanel within VPS will enable you to do everything. cPanel provides an intuitive interface to help website owners manage their sites, while WHM cPanel automates server management tasks for server administrators. For availing eCommerce applications to sell your products online there are several options as well. As for non-technical users who want to create a WordPress or other content platform based blog they can easily create their web presence by customizing server side features to their requirement.

VPS cPanel Key Advantages to Consider

Let us now concentrate further on some key aspects of VPS cPanel benefits

•  Web 2.0 technologies to facilitate quick and easy integration for all types of websites and contents, including blogs, ecommerce, social media and databases.

•  Simple and easy to use to use set up wizard will let you enjoy faster and more efficient accessibility.

•  An array of built in tools and administrative functions will make managing email users, mailboxes and spam settings, account migration and backup scheduling extremely convenient.

•  Enjoy more control with an array of intuitive tools to manage applications to install, perform data backups and restoring.

•  Worldwide IP network and world class data centers from any quality VPS cPanel provider will give your business unmatched stability.

While VPS offers the benefits of a dedicated server at an affordable cost, cPanel interface offers great tools and functions for better control, functional ease and customization.